30 October 2005

It was a dork and spooky night.

They celebrate Halloween early here in Akron. We were invited to a neighborhood party where everyone had to wear costumes. That's really not our thing. I don't think I ever went out for Halloween in my youth. I was always studying for the GRE or grading papers. Or maybe it's the whole Every Day Is Halloween thing. Anyhow, we didn't want to spend money on costumes, so our theme was High School Rejects. Frank was a nerd, and I was a goth chick.

Aren't we the sweetest? These costumes came rather...easily. We spent much of the party sitting alone by the fire pit or standing up against a tree, talking about how much we hate parties. Nobody asked me what I was supposed to be. I don't think they thought I was in costume. Oh dear. Maybe I wasn't. I feel a Skinny Puppy binge coming on.

In other news, on Saturday one of my MFA students was doing a presentation on Douglas Goetsch, and serendipitously brought this fantastic interview by amazing Suzanne Frischkorn to class as part of her discussion. Upon hearing Suzanne's name I couldn't help but squeal in blogosphere-meets-realosphere glee. Suzanne, the interview was so helpful -- thank you! I hope Jack had a great time being a cow; he and Gabi seem to be from the same herd. So cute!

Tomorrow is a long-overdue work at home in sweatpants day. I can't wait!


Justin Evans said...

Skinny Puppy! My god, that brings back some memories. Don't forget Doubting Thomas, RevCo (to be polite), Ministry, and Front 242. There are plenty I am skipping, but you get the picture.

Penultimatina said...

That's it--we're going to have to have a blogger night at the industrial club. I'll bring a cape full of red leaves... :)

Suzanne said...

Wow. What a nice surprise! Thanks, Mary. :-)

P. J. said...

My students asked me why I didn't dress up yesterday, and I told them that the girl who does my makeup lives three hours east of here. So they asked, "what would you go as?" and I said "the Crow of course." And they said, "the What?"

*sigh*...*rolls eyes*...*responds*

"Like Marilyn Manson if he died and came back a bit more pleasant but with guns."

Good ol' Skinny Puppy. I've bought Too Dark Park seven times now--I give copies to infidel students who don't recognize.

Melissa said...

"Like Marilyn Manson if he died and came back a bit more pleasant but with guns."

Thanks- I laughed for the first time today when I read this line...the kind of spit-your-soda-on-the-keyboard type of laugh.