27 March 2006

And eight months later...

...I have fulfilled the task started here by surrendering my Illinois license plates for a set of Ohio ones. Well, actually, Frank did the dirty work. In 7-10 business days I will receive Ohio vanity plates that say:


Can you believe nobody in Ohio has "stanzas" on their plates? Don't these folks care about poetry? I'm happy because that was my #1 choice, followed by some kind of abbreviation of "freeverse." Between the new plates and the NPR sticker, nobody is gonna know which car in the faculty lot is mine.

I'm on Spring Break this week, and I managed to whittle the break part down to one day, or one morning, really. I got a haircut, bought a wondrous faux-forsythia wreath at Home Goods, ate a delicious panini at West Point Market where--even though there were only two other people in the restaurant at the time--I managed to run into a colleague. But a cool colleague, so it was all good, and on the way home down Market Street I viewed a majestic zeppelin looming on the horizon. I love Akron, Ohio! Rest of the week: grading papers and administrative miscellany (albeit in comfy yoga pants).

At my table for one at WPM I made several sketches of our back patio, which I have an unnatural fixation on right now. I fear this may be "nesting." I'm not that into baby stuff, but jute rugs...I'm drooling. I want to jazz this patio up. I'm sure I will torture readers with my sketches soon. In the meantime, here's what I'll be working with. This was last summer, obviously. And it's connected to my garage; that isn't the house.

I like a challenge.

Thanks for reading my poem, o Jordan Davis of Equanimity! I really dig your robot.


Justin Evans said...

You sooooooooooo rock! It is hard to believe that you got to "stanzas" first. Well, it's too bad for all them sucker-dawgs, you got there first

Spring Break For me, too. A whole week of no paperwork or grading, or getting up too early! I am genuinely sorry you still have papers tp grade. I myself have to worry about a kid with an IEP (special ed) who clearly plagairized. Her mother is most likely going to come in screaming after the break.

Penultimatina said...

Ack Justin, I fear 'tis the plagiarism season, because I was just dealing with a case of it here too. What's up with that? Spring = plagiarize?

Enjoy your week off! It's so nice not having to get up in the wee hours, isn't it?

Byf said...

Has it been eight months already? Oh, my.

My VRAI plates are on their way.

Penultimatina said...

Hullo Byf!

Off to download "Again, Again" from iTunes...

Frank said...

That back sitting area could really use some owl-shaped string lights. So owly.