20 June 2006

Boy crazy.

I am alive and blogging, albeit now with a wee lad sitting in his papasan chair next to me, sleeping like a little lamb (when not screaming). I am feeling light as a feather and keep forgetting that just because I no longer have a huge boy in my belly does not mean that I can lift boxes over my head. Slightly less jolly after kicking the narcotic painkillers, but it's for the best.

We had perfect weather today for my first day of a two-month gig as a temporary stay at home mom of two. Gabi and I took our respective babies and strollers out for a walk. It felt really good and there was sunshine and Ray didn't poop his drawers or anything. Tonight I'm making my debut back into society, attending a book club meeting.

I cried for an entire weekend months back when I found out Ray was a boy. I guess it just defied my sick daydream of two daughters with matching bob haircuts, wearing seersucker dresses and the four of us strolling around the Hamptons with me in a straw hat or something like that. People comforted me with things such as Boys are so much easier and But it will be so nice for your husband, neither of which made me feel any better. But I'm realizing it just might be different--and okay--and maybe even better--with a boy kiddo this time around. And I'm not just saying that because he looks just like me.

Speaking of fellas, here are a couple of pictures in honor of Father's Day

Frank proudly holding his son (it must be so nice for him, eh?)

My dad with Gabi and Ray
guys and gal


Suzanne said...

Oh, Mary what a lovely family! I love having boys and I love having a daughter. It's ALL good. You look fantastic. xo

Stephanie King said...

How cute!!!

sarahbobeara said...

mary, when i brought cade home i wasn't sure what the heck to do with him...other than dodge that little weiner. (it's a learned art, he peed on me the first night home!) but now, i'm so glad that i got the chance to have one of each. it's definitely OK. :) hope you're healing well, supermom :)

Heather said...

What a beautiful family, Mary!

Byf said...

C'mon, Phys ... Scotch deserves a grandson.

Eric and I have always said that if we ever have kids, we want a boy. Teenage girls are a nightmare, as you can probably guess.


poetzie said...

I remember having a conversation with Michael Main about the fact that I was having a boy (a couple of years ago, obviously!). I said something about "now I can't raise a feminist," and, in true M. Main fashion, he said, "no, that's not at all true. Now you HAVE to raise a feminist. This world needs all the male feminists we can get." That helped, for sure. It's become a mission, in fact.

I can relate, though, now as Brian and I are contemplating having our second child sometime in the next few years. I think I'll die if I have another boy. We are in dire need some sugar and spice to alance this family out.

I'm so glad to see you're picture, just dripping with that new mommy glow. I love the image of you and Gabi with the baby strollers. Too precious.

Justin Evans said...

I suppose it's time for me to talk about the joys of having three boys.

There you go! No, just kidding. My boys are fantastic and a lot of fun.

As for dodging the pee, well, yes it is an art, but watch the nose---when it goes pale, he's letting loose. Also, I learnd more times than not, my sons peed early on when I changed them because the diaper acted as sort of a pressure valve---so I un-did the diaper, but waited a few seconds before moving on to the next step. You will get the hang of it.

He's a handsome kid, Mary, and you will have to be very careful when it comes to girls in a few years.