10 June 2006

Close quarters.

This photo exemplifies the way I am feeling right now (though don't make me decide whether I'm the car or the crab...I fear I am both).

A Backward Glance

Thankfully, after a tenuous ride back from the Cuyahoga Falls Toys R Us store, this crab-shaped sandbox is now happily installed in our backyard. I hope to feel similarly relieved next week, once I am no longer an egg on stilts.

In case you wondered, yes, we are the last people on earth to have only two small cars, even in the face of multiple-child parenthood. We are not making a statement. We are lucky enough to have fifteen minute commutes and no car payments. And now that we're far from IKEA it should be even less of a problem.

If all goes well and I don't go into labor before then, wee Raymond Scott will be arriving at 7:30 am EST Monday morning. Pictures will be forthcoming from Frank, whilst I lounge in hospital.


Suzanne said...

Good easy birth vibes going out to you, Mary! xo

Stephanie King said...

Good luck! I wish you well and can't wait to see the cute pictures.

sarahbobeara said...

i am impressed with your car stuffing skills! what did gabi think of the crab? hope she loved it for her birthday!