21 May 2007


The Ann Arbor Book Festival was slow and cold and rainy, but there was still much fun to be had. I spent the weekend masquerading as one of those people who happily bring their children along to literary events rather than leaving them at home with the grandparents. I really admire those people, though I don't think I'll be masquerading as one of them again for quite a while.

I hadn't been to Ann Arbor in almost ten years, so things looked different. The old independent coffeehouse where I used to work is now a Starbucks. There are stores everywhere, and they're even knocking down buildings on campus. I expected a surge of nostalgia, but it never came.

It was great hanging with Mustang Adam in the book fair and helping him rediscover Cheerios.
Hands off the cheerios.

Here we are with my almost-five-year-old Gabi and her baby doll, Tuki. You'll note the public access station's camera in the background, which possibly caught some interesting footage of me nursing Ray while filming passersby naming their favorite books. I guess that brings new meaning to the term Exhibitor.
Tuki et al

Now I'm off to shovel through my inbox and ponder the new vehicle that I am planning to purchase in the near future. After my first road trip with two children, I am certain that the new ride will be bigger than a Corolla.


Justin Evans said...

Welcome back!

I know exactly what you mean about the parental thing. We are just now getting to the point where our oldest can watch the two younger kids for a few hours.

Some day, some far away day, we will be able to go someplace without worrying at all about our kids, but then, as many of my students remind me, we will be too old to do any thing fun at that point in our lives.

Penultimatina said...

Good point, Justin. There's just no going back, is there.

Did you like that rabbit I sent you last week? ;)

Justin Evans said...

Yes, I liked the rabbit, and it came at the right time. Thank you.

Adam Deutsch said...

A new car, eh? Might I suggest the 2007 Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500? It's got racing stripes. The kids'll love the stripes.

Great seeing you this weekend. I've added Cheerios to my shopping list.