11 November 2007

Everybody loves a fair.

Home from Winter Wheat and catching up on everything, but here are some highlights. Now that I'm back I realize that it was actually a really fun time. However, when I was there it seemed less cool than past years. The book fair was a ghost town (likely due to MMLA in Cleveland + that thing at Kenyon). Below please find a photo essay about the fair. You can find Adam's much happier pics and photo essay here.

Eric and I were exhibiting for RHINO. Adam, as always, was exhibiting for Ninth Letter. We were all ready for the crowds to arrive. That was about three hours before this picture.

Luckily Adam is an entertaining guy. We spent a lot of time admiring this little bottle of hand lotion. My hands were pretty greasy by 3 pm!

Did you know that Adam and I have the same camera? We took pictures of each other's cameras with our twin cameras. It was so...meta. I'm sure I will forget all about it before AWP, and we can make this discovery again.

Look at the ghost town! Russ was so busy that he had to prop his leg up on a chair.

But wait! By the end of the fair we realized we'd sold $90 worth of RHINOs (with many kudos to Jason and Eric). There's Frank "The Colt" DePoole sharing our excitement about good sales despite low turnout.

Somehow I ended up with no pictures of Sara, so here's one from her birthday.

It was really hard saying goodbye to Adam, but he reminded me that AWP is only two months away, or something scary like that. Good golly! Could that be right?

Another busy week in store here in Akron, where it was sleeting and thundering earlier. What a nice welcome home.


Adam Deutsch said...

My coverage to come in the morning. When I'm fresh.

Steven D. Schroeder said...

Wooo, looking forward to meeting you at AWP. :-)

Karen J. Weyant said...

Winter Wheat always sounds like a good time. Next year, this event will be on my calendar!

Sara said...

See, I told you I always miss the fun! It's a good thing Adam can prove I was there!

Amanda said...

Mary, sorry I missed you! Dan and I were looking for you Saturday afternoon, but, obviously, we never found you. Hopefully, we'll finally meet at AWP in NY? ~AMR

John Guzlowski said...

Mary, those pictures of the empty book room were scary!

And when I first read about winter wheat a couple of weeks ago at one of the sites that you link (sorry can't remember which one) it sounded so great.

But really, I'm with Karen J. Weyant who comments above that she'll be putting it on her calendar.

Next year--we'll all be there filling up that empty book room, shoving to get at whatever books and journals your selling.


Bailey said...

I can't tell from any of the photos. Were any cats there?