09 November 2007

In the Weeds

In two hours, Sara Tracey will defend her MFA thesis. Send her your best wishes (not that she really needs them, though, because her manuscript is a knockout). It's funny thinking back to my own MFA thesis and how it was totally not a "book" whatsoever. Sara's manuscript is such a book. I'm going to read it cover to cover before the defense, one more time.

Other than that, I'm busy packing for Winter Wheat. I've done my talk before, to some degree, so prep was mostly a matter of making copies and finding new sample job ads. I am glad that my session is at 9 am so I can get it over with and then just chill.

Since thesis defenses are on my mind, I wondered if anyone out there has an experience to share. I barely remember my defense. I think it was over in 20 minutes. George Looney gave me some good suggestions. It seemed like a formality, really. Now my Ph.D. exam defense...that was intense.

Winter Wheat pics forthcoming. Looking forward to seeing Adam, Gary, and more!


Adam Deutsch said...

Gary had to clock out.
Let's talk thesis tomorrow.

Pamela said...

I vividly remember my MA.Ed. defense. I had to create and demonstrate a middle-school gifted/talented lesson plan in social studies, and then talk intelligently about progression of Keats' Odes(which was my thesis). Not a person on my committee had a degree in American History or British Literature. (In hindsight I think that's how I slid through. At the time I thought it was because I was awesome, since they asked me only rhetorical questions, such as Aren't you the creative one? I swear!). Can you say cakewalk?

I am so worried about my MFA defense. This time, two of my three committee members have PhDs in Poetry, and the third has been nominated for a Pulitzer. I think they'll ask very pointed questions, and I'm not nearly so well prepared.

Penultimatina said...

Good luck to you, Pamela!

Bailey said...

When I defended Hands: Their Use, the committee had a few issues with it, but then I went all gorille on them and they backed the fu*k off.