03 March 2008

Our Cleveland debut

Here are some pics from the reading at Bela Dubby's on Saturday. It was amazing to have a full house, mostly of folks we didn't know yet. The Brooklyn Lager on draft brought me right back to AWP NYC 08 (in the very best way possible).

Here's Sara and Jen. I'm a dork and kept talking about Sara during my mid-poem-reading banter. Sara's a great titler, and I'm not. Etc. The mood was very casual, so it was fine.

Here's The Colt and friend. He's looking quite relieved, now that the symposium is over.

Jay R and I before reading. Jay went first, which was really nice. I always have to go first and/or volunteer to go first, because I like to get the reading over with.

Jay R during his reading. He did a fabulous job. His voice kind of puts me in a trance, so it was a good thing I had to take pictures.

Today I was guest poet at Jen's school. These high schoolers were amazing! So sincere and enthusiastic, and super talented. Their poems could totally hang with my advanced undergrad crew. I sold a bunch of books, and one girl insisted that I autograph her arm. I was afraid I was going to hurt her, so I just wrote my initials. I felt like I was signing an inter-departmental memo. Quite a new experience.

So the robo-calls have been pouring in to Casa MB. With two registered Democrats in the house, we seem to get four times the bombardment. Gabi is really interested in the election--she almost remembers reading the Obama signs in our old neighborhood in Chicago--so I am going to pick the kids up early tomorrow and take them voting with me. This will be a nightmare, of course, but it'll be worth it. My mom always took me. Sometimes she'd let me use the punching tool.

In my first elementary school they had the kids "vote." I remember being only one of two kids who voted for Mondale. I was really surprised by that. Afterwards I started composing satirical political songs to be performed for the parents waiting by the back door at pick-up time. I rhymed Reagan with pagan. And maybe with bacon. Did anyone else "vote" in school? I imagine it's long verboten--too divisive and whatnot.

Keeping my fingers crossed. Not enjoying Eric Wasserman's cold. Hoping it goes away soon.


Karen J. Weyant said...

That's weird. I remember voting for Mondale, too! And then I remember getting mad at my older brother when he said "my vote didn't count."

Great photos! :)

Justin Evans said...

Not me. I was a little Reagan-ite even before he was president.

I remember the Ford-Carter etection, listening on my grandparent's huge console stereo, trying to hope and wish Ford back into the Whitehouse. The truth is I had no real perception of Watergate (I was 3 years old in 1972) so I was completely naive to the fact that Ford simply had to go as an import of national healing.

As for my teen years with Reagan, I did mend my ways by being the only person I knew of in my National Guard unit who voted for Clinton.

Amy said...

This will age me considerably, but I remember an elementary school election where everyone was voting for Goldwater. I had no idea who he was.

Emily said...

I remember watching Ross Peroe speak on TV for like an hour when i was 6. i thought he had some good points, so i voted Peroe in my school election. i've always been one for the underdog.