15 May 2008

The happy happy.

My 34th birthday ended up being really awesome. In fact, it's still rather awesome, because, with much urging, I decided to spontaneously take a day off. If you know me, you realize how unusual this is. Perhaps 34 will be the year that I turn into a complete slacker! Never answering emails within seconds of receiving, only writing 150 words on each poem I annotate, etc. Just kidding. But it was an excellent birthday, and here are some highlights.

The Press folks surprised me with a muffin party at 10 am! Then Jay took me out for Indian food at the Saffron Patch. At first we were worried that there would be a samosa shortage, as it was packed, but more arrived just in time. Next, I did some work. After that, dinner with my family. Then finally, a little party coordinated by The Colt. It was all very low-key, and just perfect.

Here I am with The Colt, party planning expert, and other revelers.

Now I just need to write my first poem as a 34-year-old, and everything will be okay.


Kelli said...

Good to hear! 34 is a good age. (I highly recommend sunscreen so 39 will be a good age too). ;-)

Glad you had a good day, muffin parties make everything perfect.

Penultimatina said...

Thanks, Kelli!

I firmly believe that sunscreen is the reason why I still get carded buying wine in the grocery store... :)

Meagan said...

Happy Birthday!

Amy said...

Miss Mary! Happy Belated to you. Sorry I couldn't celebrate w/ you all. But I'm buying lunch when you come up here--Cambodian? Lebanese? Blood sausages? Whatever your heart desires.