03 July 2008

Seriously serious editors.

The Barn Owl Review editors gathered, once again, to discuss submissions. I can't remember why Eric wrote this on his hand, but it must've been important.

Contrary to what his shirt claims, Eric does not need to be reassembled every time he updates the spreadsheet or reads submissions.

Jay and Frank "The Colt" are both looking mildly cheerful. Frank will soon be conducting some kickass interviews, to be posted on the BOR website. More details soon.

The deliberations begin (but the photos continue).

This is Jay's "I could be convinced" look.

This is my "I will not be convinced" look.

Oh, please don't make us do this!

Some decisions were made, accepted poems were read aloud by various editors (we're even taking two by one person), and next week we will start naming names (though there are still a ton of subs under consideration--do not fret if you haven't heard from us yet).


Nin Andrews said...

Oh, this is scary. I've never actually pictured editors reading work. Somehow I think I've imagined the poems going into outer space to some kind of anonymous and supernatural "we" and then coming back with a divine yes or no . . .

Karen J. Weyant said...

This is interesting...I always wondered how editors (who have very limited space in their journals) make decisions when they like more than one poem a poet has submitted.

Weave Zine said...

Oh thank goodness! We really do need more seriousness in editing. There is way too much silliness happening at Weave, so it's good the literary world has a balance.

Mary B! So excited to see you on Sunday! Typewriter Girls Show!

(Laura wrote this, I won't blame Margaret for all my exclamation points!!)

Penultimatina said...

The "read poems aloud" thing is something I picked up when I worked for RHINO. Every poem we accept has been read aloud by one of the editors, sometimes more than one. If I am advocating for a ms I try to do the best reading ever! To convince people! It works, too...

PS--See you on Sunday, Laura!

Martha Silano said...

I wish more mags kept us apprised of the reading/acceptance process.

Reading aloud is a brilliant idea. The poem has to stand up to that--it has to work just as well from the mouth as on the page.