29 December 2009

Where were we?

Yes, this about sums it up. Tea consumption at casa MB is up! Email volume is down! Sleep is 7-8 hours per night. 3 year old sleeps for 12 hours and then takes a two hour afternoon nap. Snowblowing is so much fun that I have to force myself to stop. Certain parts of the driveway I shovel and snowblow. Then I come inside and eat breakfast and marvel at my biceps. Ha ha. No, really. They are quite impressive.

All of this will be changing on Monday, when I head back to the office and the kids head back to school. I have some syllabi to write and a whole lot of reading to do. I've been (gasp!) reading for fun over break. I am reading Lit by Mary Karr. Suddenly I feel like my life has been really, really mild in comparison, but I guess that's the point.

For those who aren't on facebook, here's a picture of my kids on Christmas Eve. Our holiday ended up being just fine, despite the arrangements. I didn't buy a ton of toys this year, and absolutely no Playmobil. I think Playmobil stuff is cool, but I am really tired of getting microscopic weapons stuck to the bottom of my socks.

It's seriously paining me that I may have to break down and buy Gabi an Ohio State shirt. She is somehow a big fan of OSU, for no reason, and it would be cruel not to let her cheer in proper fashion on Rose Bowl day. But still. I have a "root for the Big Ten team" policy that I suppose I will be enforcing, to the chagrin of some of my colleagues.

No new poems (but I did get four before 2010) and no manuscript sequence progress (where did Sunday go?), but I think this is going to be a really fortifying hiatus. I am rather excited for the new year, but that's another post altogether.


Kells said...

Thanks for posting this. I haven't been on FB much. LOVE your son's expression! Great photo.

I want to read Lit. I keep hearing more and more people talk about it. I must get it soon.

And I love that I'm not getting very many emails. Love it! Maybe it will be everyone's new year's resolutions not to email everything or forward pictures of ________fill in the blank.

Biceps should be marveled at.

Merry New Year.

Penultimatina said...

Thank YOU, Kelli! Have an awesome New Year. :)

Charles said...

I'd hoped the note on the teapot was some kind of euphemism for like "hot teacher" or something.