14 February 2007

Snowbanks north of the house

Sometimes the universe decides that I need a break from the office and the classroom. Monday it was Children's hospital and Ray's ears, which was relatively painless in the end. Yesterday I was sick as a dog and had to stay home. Today it's a snow day. This all adds up to an unexpected vacation, especially since having two kids at home means that I can get nothing done.

The snow is still coming down, and we're here in our fleece watching Cars. Not too many cars on our street, but there's lots of snow. Today is usually a 12 hour day for me (I teach an evening class), so this is one heck of a Valentine.


Kyle said...

I cannot believe how many side streets in Akron remain untouched by a snow plow. What do those people do?

marybid said...

My street is one of them. WTF? We couldn't turn left or right at all, and just had to stay in the grooves. I'm surprised how many major streets are bad too (Garman, etc).

Unknown said...

Ah yes, the "Cars" video!

"Life is a Highway" --it seems as if that song will never end. My two kids (ages 5 and 3) can't get enough of the "Cars" video.


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