28 October 2014

Akron postcard: the last of the warm days

I know they've said this before, but apparently today is the last of the warm days, and in addition to that, we also got another knockout sunrise here in Akron, OH, so I felt obligated to share it with you. 

23 October 2014

Two items of business.

My favorite spot in Akron. I'm trying to visit it in all seasons. As of right now, winter break has been reserved for poems and more poems. But at least I can take some pictures now.

I have a poem in the new Denver Quarterly. Read more about the issue here!
This has been my dream journal to publish a poem in for, like, a trillion years.

03 October 2014

A foggy place with excessive precipitation.

Super excited to have a poem from A Sunny Place with Adequate Water featured at Verse Daily yesterday. Here it is! 

17 September 2014

Akron postcard: mid-September

Sometimes you have a really long day, and then Ohio gives you one of these. 

13 September 2014

Cold snap, September edition.

We're chilly here in Akron, OH. The kitchen is getting painted, which is the last step before the project is done, and I have to unpack all those boxes I've been trying to forget about in the basement. But finished kitchen! Done project! Hooray. 

Speaking of basements, we had a tornado warning on Wednesday and everyone on campus had to seek shelter. I'd left minutes before the warning, and made it home safely with the kids to hunker down. No damage, thankfully. 

Fall 2014 semester is delightful so far. I love my classes. The students have such amazing comments regarding poems. Sometimes I feel like my job is to be an ambassador for poetry. I am so lucky. 

Turned in the final draft of Small Enterprise on 9/1, Now: on with the new.  

29 August 2014

Back to school, with long shadow.

Here we go, Fall 2014 semester. I am glad to be back, even if feeling a bit behind and overwhelmed. I love my two classes this semester, and it feels good to be checking things off the to-do list, rather than finding new ways to stack them.

I've been making final revisions to Small Enterprise, which somehow helps open up space for thinking about the new prose poem project. 

Sending gratitude to Robert Beveridge for his review of A Sunny Place with Adequate Water

Sage advice from Jeannine Hall Gailey on book promotion over at her blog

My poem "The Most and the Best" appears in The Book of Scented Things, an anthology from the Rose O'Neill Literary House that paired poets and perfume samples, with rather amazing results. This might be the most innovative premise for a collection, ever. My fragrance was this. So lucky! 

I would like to write a new poem soon. Pretty please, universe?

13 August 2014

Welcome, chill.

I just finished closing most of the windows in the house, because Fall is creeping in today. We're in the later stages of our home renovations, and I am writing my syllabi with the wail of a saw in the background. For several weeks now, I've been making my list of "how I will do things differently next summer." I'm ready for the semester to begin in a week and a half. Maybe more than ready.