04 April 2014

Friday postcard.

A whirlwind of a week. Now suddenly we have rain instead of snow (fingers crossed). Some poetry updates to share soon, and a bit of poetry travel next week. For now: listening to raindrops. 

30 March 2014

Ohio gets the last laugh.

The cat's out of the bag regarding my fourth full-length collection of poems, Small Enterprise. It's forthcoming in summer 2015 from Black Lawrence Press. I'm so excited! This is the book with all of the Risk Management Memo poems in it. Right now my mind is entirely on A Sunny Place with Adequate Water, but it's great knowing that Small Enterprise has found a home. 

I've been in a not-writing mode lately, but now that April is almost here it will be easier to count down to the end of the academic year (and hence, some workload relief). For some reason it really helps if I can visualize an entire month on the calendar, especially if it's the last month of the semester. 

In other poetry news, 32 Poems has a review of O Holy Insurgency here, along with an interview that I did with Emilia Phillips. Huge thanks to Emilia, and to reviewer Ross Losapio. This prose feature helped warm my heart during our several recent spring break snowstorms (see above).

Right now, vast sheets of snow are careening off the roof. Maybe it's a metaphor for the end of spring break. I accomplished almost all of my goals (some were unrealistic), including overdue house and office cleaning and a lot of relaxing, which will be important for the almost-home-stretch.

21 March 2014

Inappropriate Sleepover + Spring Break Madness

Spring break, winter coat. 

One of the great joys of my job is watching graduate students go forth in the world and totally kick ass. But man, I am really going to miss Meg Johnson, who defended her MFA thesis today. Meg's first book of poems, Inappropriate Sleepover, is forthcoming any minute from The National Poetry Review Press, and it's now on Goodreads. Trust me, you are going to want to add this book to your summer reading list (however, you won't be able to wait until summer to read it--these poems will pull you right in).

My away message is up, and I am officially on Spring Break. I am taking a Spring Break. I gave my plants a lot of water, and best wishes for their brackets, and closed the door.

I'm going to write. I am going to write poems that are by me. I'm going to finish up a manuscript of poems. Olin Hall is just going to have to survive without me for a week. 

14 March 2014

Today's postcard.

Friday is here! Oh man, we earned it. Spring break is late this year (one more week) and I am officially dragging. More coffee, and quick. 

10 March 2014

Canada has a cure for the Mondays. It comes in orange, too.

Our neighbors to the north take the KitKat seriously, and so should we. Clearly we are doing this all wrong. But it's Monday, and I've been productive-ish, and had a fine clementine chaser for the above. 

Gradually starting to feel more human post-Seattle, with the realization that there's a spring break out there. I'm doing house stuff over spring break, and by "house stuff" I do not mean emails/poetics/grading/rec letters. I am talking about attic cleaning, mini-blind replacement, and writing poems. 

Writing poems!

Happy Monday to all. 

06 March 2014

Uphilling it, and an AWP 2014 retrospective

Here's the state of things right now in Akron, OH: uphill. Returned from AWP Seattle feeling a lot better about AWPs in general (though it was still no AWP Denver, this one was among my favorites). I think it does my mind good to be near water and mountains. Managed to handle the time change without too much trouble. Returned with some good stuff for my students.

Our Barn Owl Review & Thrush Poetry Journal offsite was pretty magnificent, even in light of being super tired from having flown in that same day. This will be much easier for AWP Minneapolis. Our venue, Re-Bar, was one of my faves ever from any AWP offsite.

Typically the book fair has its hectic times and its quieter times, but not this year. It made me reminiscent of my days working as a barista during the Ann Arbor Art Fair. So I didn't get to do much wandering, but I did get to make a lot of sales, which was great. The time change gave me a good excuse for not staying up late, which was key to surviving this AWP (especially when you open every day).

My favorite part of any AWP is hanging out with our authors. Emilia Phillips sold copies of Signaletics like hotcakes, and John Gallaher brought typewritten papers of Michael Benedikt to display along with Time is a Toy: Selected Poems of Michael Benedikt. Here I am with Emilia. This may be my favorite photo of the whole conference!

Even with all the book awesomeness, this is still how I will remember Seattle. I'm not sure I'll have reason to go back any time soon, but I would like to, if only to see these mountains in the distance. 

Farewell, Seattle, and thank you for changing my mind about AWPs. Thank you for letting me defrost for a few days. Now onward into the chilly winds of March.

23 February 2014

AWP 2014 Dance Card

It's that time of year again! My bedroom is packed with travel-size toiletries and multitudes of books and litmags ready for AWP. Will I see you there? Please say yes! 

I'll be at the University of Akron Press & Barn Owl Review table every day (K5), and I have a Friday morning book signing at the Black Lawrence Press table. And who could forget our Wednesday night kickoff reading with BOR and Thrush? Details below!

Wednesday, February 26th

7:00-10:00 pm
Barn Owl Review & Thrush Poetry Journal  // Birds of a Feather 2014 Offsite Reading
1114 Howell Street
Seattle WA
Please join Thrush Poetry Journal and Barn Owl Review for an offsite poetry reading to kick off AWP Seattle. Doors open at 7:00 PM, readings will start at 8:00 PM. Cash bar, rampant cheer, debut of Barn Owl Review issue #7. Readers include Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz, Hélène Cardona, Andrea Cohen, Elizabeth Colen, Natalie Eilbert, Laura Eve Engel, Noah Falck, Christian Anton Gerard, Carol Guess, Chloe Honum, Ada Limón, Kyle McCord, Marc McKee, Christopher Salerno, Danez Smith, and Lee Ann Roripaugh.

Friday, February 28th 
10:00-11:00 am
Book signing at Black Lawrence Press table (B24)
AWP Bookfair

University of Akron Press & Barn Owl Review 
Every Darn Day of the Bookfair
Table K5
Free stuff and great books