20 March 2015

March and the Madnesses.

This is my ready for Spring Break face. 
Hello from Akron, OH. I am crawling toward Spring Break. I desperately need Spring Break. Vowing to write, revise, and submit poems. Also, to read a book. I always read a book over break. Last year I did pretty much nothing but read The Goldfinch. Haven't decided on this year's Spring Break book yet.

In other news...

Green Mountains Review is featuring my poem "I Was on the Line" online.

New Pages reviewed A Sunny Place with Adequate Water.

I'm reading in Minneapolis for the AWP Offsite Reading with Denver QuarterlyColorado Review, and The Laurel ReviewHere's the scoop

Spring almost arrives in Akron, OH.

25 February 2015

Hit the road, February.

This month has been pretty ridiculous. Snow! Record low temps! Kids out of school for four days straight. Deadlines swooping by like crows. I'm hoping that March brings some stability with it. I now appreciate being able to go to work much more than I ever did before. 

In other news, there's a new review of A Sunny Place with Adequate Water at The California Journal of Women Writers. Yeah! Many thanks to Stacey Balkun and TCJWW.

We've been working on BOR issue 8. It's going to be gorgeous. Stop by the table at AWP and say hello. 

I am making arrangements for my poetry break this summer. Not a break from poetry, but a break for poetry. I've never really had one before, and I want to do it right. 

02 February 2015


After living in the Midwest for 35+ years, I have no excuse for being surprised by wicked winter weather. And yet, every time it knocks me a little off balance, especially when I lose a Monday.

In much warmer news, many, many thanks to Danielle Susi and The Rumpus for this review of A Sunny Place with Adequate Water. Here's a tidbit:

A Sunny Place with Adequate Water, Mary Biddinger’s new collection from Black Lawrence Press, is an idyllic scene…post-apocalypse. It is where beauty becomes darker. Where the light of an electric rail line illuminates an abandoned parking lot and where bombs are filled with thread.

Lately I've been making an effort to revise some new poems and then send them out for consideration. I am proud of myself for following through. Look for new poems in TriggerThe Laurel Review (prose poem issue!), Gargoyle, and jubilat.

Have you seen the sexy new cover of BOR 8?

Here's a little Akron snow. 

16 January 2015

The New

Here's what 2015 looks like so far in Akron, OH. There's no filter on that photo, either. I'm thankful for different types of light, and the time to notice them. 

05 November 2014

New review of A Sunny Place with Adequate Water.

November arrives, and the countdown to winter (and winter break) begins. Next Wednesday I'll be reading from A Sunny Place with Adequate Water at the Shaker Heights public library, along with Sarah Marcus and Christine Howey. Details are here. It's free and open to the public. 

In other news, I was thrilled to discover yesterday that A Sunny Place with Adequate Water is reviewed by Daniel Heffner in the new issue of American Microreviews and Reviews. Here's a tidbit:

Mary Biddinger’s collection, A Sunny Place with Adequate Water, reads like stream of consciousness with a fever: her couplets and tercets spring from image to image with a restless longing. “I” and “you” and “we” run through her poems; the speaker and others wandering through a landscape of abandoned fruit stalls, miniature models, and a remarkable number of coin-operated apparatus.

The speaker struggles to manage and make sense of a variety of relationships. In “A Coin-Operated City of the Past,” the speaker first says “We did not know each other,” then asks “You made / me, didn’t you?” The contradiction is a powerful one, an example of what Biddinger does so well in this book. The book presents a speaker moving through a community, testing connections and values and people, sensing underlying violence, and speaking it all in a beautifully complex, surreal, and vigorous voice.

Thank you, Daniel and AMRI.

I keep reminding myself that I'm going to get to be a writer again soon. How many days?