Here I go...

The Chicago poetry girl is movin' on up, and over, I guess. After seven years in the windy city, I am packing up the cats and heading to my new town, Akron, Ohio, and my new casa:

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I've logged...dang, like fifteen years in this town--though not all in one complete installment--and I know I'm going to miss it. Not to mention all of my poetry group locas, and family, friends, and the tranquil waters of the Chicago river (wee bit of sarcasm here). I'm hoping to keep this blog as a way of staying in touch, and letting folks know what I'm up to.


What the hell you doing in Akron? I did my time there for 4 years.
Penultimatina said…
I'm a the new poetry prof at the U of Akron/NEOMFA. Or rather, I will be starting August 29th, when I officially report for duty. Thus, Akron!