30 June 2005

How hot are you?

Am I the only one who is too hot for just about anything right now?

(Please, don't let that I'm too sexy for my _____ song get into your head...I'm talking about the weather here)

How do y'all cope with the heat?

I recommend:

1. Reading either a) Gabriel García Márquez OR b) Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

2. Applying Aveda rosemary mint lotion frequently and liberally.

3. Getting every trace of hair away from your face, even if that means using an entire package of bobby pins and/or a razor.

4. Walking aimlessly around stores with a disoriented, aggravated look on your face, while you should be doing something productive.

Any further advice for those of us dealing with 90+ temps, and wholly unaccustomed?

love, Mary


YuKi DuKi said...

use the ac derr! lol

Penultimatina said...

yeah...but what about outside though...need a reverse air conditioner for that. :)

Cherilyn Ferroggiaro said...

'Gabriel García Márquez'- excellent choice. :)

Suzanne said...

You need some ice on the nape of your neck.Or an ice cold glass on the nape of your neck if you prefer--cools you right down.

I'm so grateful that it only got up to 80 today.

Byf said...

You might read Gabriel Garcia Marquez, but I would recommend NOT viewing the movies of Gael Garcia Bernal to cool off.

Penultimatina said...

BYF! Thank you for the suggestion! Maybe it's actually 30 degrees here, and I'm just thinking Gael Garcia Bernalian thoughts...*sizzle*

P. J. said...

Well, the first thing you shouldn't do is wear socks outside. Like it says on the Clark family crest: "Sandals, sandals, sandals!"

Also, eating hot 'n' sour soup for lunch is supposed to help, by making you sweat more, which is always attractive (I hope...), though my contempt for the crackpot theories of science and physiology goes far beyond mortal ken!

...all the way to Immortal Barbie. Forget I said that.

Lastly, bringing a bag of nuts to the park, finding some shade, and *sitting very still* until some squirrels come along helps a great deal. Wait and wait and wait for squirrels (but don't eat the nuts). Then, when the critters get close, you gobble all the nuts real fast and then throw the empty bag at them. I guarantee the frustrating chirping noises they make will have you laughing so hard you'll forget all about being hot.

APtek said...

Drink you freezer chilled vodka (potato not grain) and think about the past. That seems to be my answer for everything these days. It's similar to the 'in bed' statement after a fortune cookie.

Penultimatina said...

Frozen potatoes? Oh...potato *vodka*! I get it.

gina said...

It was 108 degrees yesterday where I'm at. After being in the midwest all winter, all I need to do is think about snow. That does it. I'm grateful for summer.

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