28 June 2005

Two things I promise never to write poems about

1. My favorite playas
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2. Adolescent romance
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You've got my word on that.

Here is an a propos treat from P.J. Clark... http://www.teenangstpoetry.com/poems/breakups/


P. J. said...

But will you promise never to write a couplet with one line ending "...man from Nantucket"? 'Cause I'd sure like to see that.

And don't undervalue the power of poems derived from adolescent love--until you click on the following link...then let the laughter and judgment begin:


Penultimatina said...

let the laughter and judgment begin

O Paddy! You're sending me to Glasgow with that one. :)

Suzanne said...

*LOLOLOL* Mary! I cannot believe you still have that 7th grade note. You heartbreaker! ;-)

ps it reminded me of my 7th grade boyfriend--he wrote out all the lyrics to 'Hey, Mickey!', but changed Mickey (sp?) to Suzi. *lolololol*

Penultimatina said...

Suzanne, I actually think it was eighth grade, but you are so darn close, it's creepy! :) I was looking through old boxes and found it.

*sigh* Best adolescent serenade I ever got was a crummy old rendition of "Mary, Mary, why you buggin?"

wwwhitman said...

sounds like that person already had "commitment issues" in the eighth grade...hope they got over it....but I guess sometimes it's hard to know what yer gonna do till you actually do it...such is life!

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