WTH is up with the "quotation marks," folks?

This morning on the bus, I had the pleasure of viewing the following signs:

"Lost Dog"
Siberian Husky

Connect with "Dad" this Father's Day

Which wasn't nearly as bad as


Now I've been guilty of some recreational quotation mark usage in my day, but now " " seems to be everywhere, around all kinds of things. Has anyone else noticed this "free" and "liberal" usages of quotes? Any "examples" to "share"? Where's Davy Rothbart when you need him...


Suzanne said…
No examples, but I would certainly think twice before eating those "Tomatoes" *lol*
Penultimatina said…
Hee hee! I guess there's no synthetic substitute for tomatoes, eh? ;)
Ginger Heatter said…
Just this afternoon I was driving behind a commercial van which read: "Chick" Surname, Inc. and wondering why Chick decided to quote himself.
P. J. said…
The people who make these signs are the same ones who make "air quotes" when you talk to them.
Penultimatina said…
Well then PJ, how the hell do those folks ever make a BLT or a salad when they have to keep air-quoting the tomates, yo? :) xxx