22 July 2005

Vanity Fair

Soon I will be faced with the challenge of composing a text that will receive a great many views every day. People from many walks of life will contemplate its meaning. Yes, I am talking about Ohio vanity plates for my car.

I am taking suggestions. Since my car will likely be parked in a faculty lot, I'd like to do something literary, preferably dealing with poetry. Obscure references appreciated!

Minimum: 4 letters or numbers
Maximum: 7

Oh yeah, and it's a red Corolla, in case that's relevant.

Any ideas?


P. J. said...

Just off the top of my head, 5IAMB14 would be noticeable as sonnet mathematics, but they'd have to have an IQ significantly higher than 108.

You can bet I'll come up with a few more--but I'm leaving for Ohio now so no time at present.

Penultimatina said...

Say hello to my new state for me, PJBeez!

Penultimatina said...

Oh, and ps, CATBAD is still alive and kickin too, though no longer sporting the MI vanity plates, of course.

P. J. said...


You could do a Speed Racer thing and, with each subsequent upgrade, add a number, e.g. Mach 4, Mach 5, etc., thus:

CATBAD2...this looks cool but darn you I figured when I got a new car this fall I'd get CATBAD on MY plates and then drive up and down your street while you stood in the yard fuming and stamping your saddles shoes into a patch of white dandelions, cursing my name and maybe throwing rocks at my windshield.

...and maybe even yelling "ROODDIINNN!!"

GO MICH...but you want to make friends at first so maybe not.

SAVORY1...but you're moving to Ohio not Indiana, where they have a state ditch (*look for it when you're driving over!*)

BKHNDMM...which needs room for about three A's and just your luck that would be some kind of neo-urban slang for "slash my tires."

VERSIFR...good, but you know most folk will pronounce it "ver-si-furrr" and not "ver-si-fy-errr" but perhaps you should get used to the N.E. OH rural drawl.

POEMATA...Greek for poet. And if you're on that kind of riff, APAXNE is Greek for spider and name of the vain artist who bested Athena...you want vain then that's vain. Plus someone has a spider tat, doesn't she?

ET TU SHU? LA POETE? Actually if you want an homage to CATBAD without being CATBAD and something distinctly Mary B., why not...


Pamela said...


Charles said...

I like PJ's idea. Very cool.

Penultimatina said...

Fantastic ideas, y'all! Keep 'em coming.

Oh yeah, and Irish/Gaelic words would be good too (my aunt has "kiss my ass" in Irish on her Jag: Póg mo thóin...too long for Ohio plates probably).

Byf said...

Knowing your affinity for the Bard, I offer:


Or a variation on the theme, since some lass from Findlay with perfect lipliner is probably already driving a Pontiac Grand Prix with that exact plate.

Or maybe:


Maybe you can squeak that by the Ohiobscenity committee.

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