Post-shag revelations

Greetings from Akron, Ohio! We made it here unscathed, and somewhere amongst the boxes there are three people and four cats in this house. Yes, one day after tripling our square footage we felt compelled to get a kitten for Gabi, a seven week old mackerel tabby that she has named Henry (official name Henrietta James). It's amazing how much entertainment that tiny critter provides.

On the left you'll see evidence of the disturbing revelation I made yesterday. There is a Buckeye tree in our front yard. Noooo! Okay, I love the tree, but the buckeye thing didn't sink in until I found one of the nuts in the grass. Should I get a wolverine to prowl the premises and keep the Ohio State vibes at bay?

Speaking of revelations, check out these fantastic hardwood floors that had been under hideous shag carpet for 66 years. I've been spending a lot of time on my hands and knees, scrubbing the life back into these beauties.

now that's what I call HARD WOOD

Went to my new office today and was totally floored by seeing Dr. Mary Biddinger on the door. Of course, my university ID picture makes me look like I'm 12, but some day I'll get a good laugh out of that.

Easing back into the blog world. Won't have cable until Friday, but dsl was on the top of our list. Hello to all y'all that I've been missing!


Byf said…
Congrats on the successful move! The floors are fabu.
SillyWhimsical said…
Those floors are awesome!!! I would be so amped over the plaque on the door. Congrats Dr. Catshoe!!!!!
brandijay said…
I was in denial that you were really, truly moving to Ohio until now... we miss you! Our last meeting was just not the same without you!
P. J. said…
Of that entire entry, I focused on the bit where you have an entire UofA office with DR. MARY BIDDINGER on the door and I'm entirely jealous. When I was there, I shared a two-desker with five other adjuncts, but if you peek into some of the offices on the left side of the hall (starting from the mailboxes) about two doors down from where the hall takes a left turn, you might find one with a shelf, and there you'll likely find a certain shite 111-112 text edited by Donna N-B. I left it for you--happy reading, o Shu! :-P
Kendra said…
GORGEOUS floors Mary...all that hard work paid off! Glad you're getting settled in :)
Great floors, doctor! COngrats on the big move!
poetzie said…
Wow, you weren't kidding about those floors. They are beauts.

Are you going to have your students call you Dr. Biddinger? I think you should :)
P. J. said…
Dr. Boutineer!
Suzanne said…
Here's to much love & happiness in your new home, Mary!

puremood said…
Nice pad, Mary. I hope you enjoy your new place. Have fun settling in.
jenn said…
When we become lesbian lovers and move away to Vietnam to live on the beaches, could I whisper "kiss me, Dr. Biddinger" in your ear?

Just curious.

(i have enough ethanol in this little cup to KILL US ALL FIFTY TIMES OVAH...)
Penultimatina said…
Janina, that's an awful nice book bag you got there. Sure do wish I had a book bag like that.

The house is looking fantastic. We need more progress pictures now that you should have everything moved in.

And BTW, who is this p.j. clark person and why does he hit on you in every post? :>)