19 September 2005

Coming to a P.O. box near you

My fall submission is now officially in the mail. Man, it's nice having so much space in my studio, but I kind of miss not having to roll all over the place just to:

a) put paper in printer

b) grab ms, envelope, sase

c) roll back to printer

d) scoot back over to desk

e) repeat.

This weekend we put the finishing touches on this room, including hanging my stuff up on the walls. So basically I went from a 3x3 corner of a bedroom to the whole top floor of a house. I will now stop complaining about the space. The room is still blue, but now the ceiling is painted Cat's Whiskers. There are no cat whiskers up here, however, because it has been declared a cat-free zone, much to my delight during manuscript season.

Saturday night I wrote my first poem on this laptop, and my first poem in Akron, actually. All went fine, and though I got bored in the middle of it I was able to finish, and I like it. Tomorrow night will be attending my first meeting of the Akron Poetry Collective with this poem in hand. I am looking forward to getting feedback again.


Jenna from Texas said...

Your first Akron poem! You must share it after it makes its debut tomorrow night.

I thought of you this weekend when my husband's very crazy cousin sent us a letter with 4 poems contained in it that she has written in the past couple of years. If you need material for "what not to do" for your students or a "worst poems" column for your blog, let me know. ;)

Penultimatina said...

Jenna! You're cracking me up over here!

Strong Enough said...

Mary, it's so great to see you. I am so glad that I found your blog because now I can read all about your life since you haven't been around the Junactic board lately.

Matthew Thorburn said...

Good luck! Is this poems to journals or yr book ms?

Penultimatina said...

All of the above, MQT (only the book ms gets a bigger envelope).

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