Trivial pursuit

Dang, every time I get an idea to write about, I remember how insignificant it is compared to what folks on the gulf coast are going through.

Like, do I really have reason to complain about only getting six hours of sleep?

A few glimmers of hope...

My friend Carol McCarthy is safe and sound, after beginning an MFA in New Orleans, only to evacuate a week later. What a setback, though! I wonder if any universities offer MFA admissions to displaced people like Carol.

Heard from long-lost friend Gail Upchurch this morning,, seven years. She's a prof with the City Colleges of Chicago now. Seems like just yesterday we were sipping Tropicana Twisters behind the reception desk, temping. I love hearing from old friends, no matter how long it has been.

And finally, there's this:


brandijay said…
Actually, there's at least one spot open at Columbia because someone changed their mind at the last minute... it's just a thought. Mary, could you pass this on to Carol? I can always email D. Trinidad if she's even curious...
Charles said…
My blog has migrated.
poetzie said…
And all this time I thought you were just joking about getting a job in Ohio. Turns out you really are an associate professor with the website to prove it. There goes my paradigm :)

Just kidding, of course. Did you find that by googling yourself? I know you're a big fan.
Penultimatina said…
Brandi--good idea!


Mackenzie--ha ha! Actually, the info for that link was one of my first "projects" upon starting new gig. I took that pic on my back porch w/a tripod.

Yeah, I guess I am really here.