While you were out...

Back from a great weekend at Winter Wheat, and reeling with all kinds of administrative and teaching catch-up (albeit truncated due to the short week). Oh, and I had to do all of my Thanksgiving grocery shopping today, which was a joy after a three hour morning meeting. Good golly!

Here are a few weekend pics; more coming soon.

They can take the Food Town Plus away from us, but THE GROTTO is ours forever.

This is one scary goddamn horse! The BG mall was hoppin' with pre-teens on Friday night.

A couple of literary festival hotties...

My favorite picture of the weekend. I've titled it Aporia.

What I missed while I was away. Yes, all five of them are mine.

I realized that I hadn't spent a night away from home since moving to Akron. It's nice being back in the hills. This is definitely home now.


Justin Evans said…
That last picture is adorable. BTW, I got over the glitch. I have pics of my boys up at my blog. Scroll down a couple of posts to see them.
Stephanie King said…
I'm such a dummy-head. You weren't the Mary at the speed scrabble Sunday Session. There was another girl named Mary in there who I assumed was you...

That's what I get for assuming.

So, I guess I didn't get to meet you even informally. Oh well, next year maybe.

:) Nice pictures by the way. That last one is soooo cute. Cats and kids, two of my favorite things in the world.
femme feral said…
that last picture is the bomb! Lucky you!
Julie said…
I wanted to tell you that I really loved the poems you read at the open mic. It was swell to meet you, and thanks for bringing Rhino.
Penultimatina said…
Awww! Thanks you guys!

Stephanie, I have been going bonkers trying to figure out when I was playing speed scrabble! I'm glad I'm not totally losing my mind, though sorry I didn't get a chance to meet you. :)
is that pj clark in the picture with you? he's handsome.


new crush.