05 December 2005

Don't tell anybody!

Shhh! I'm procrastinating! (But I only have eight papers left, plus a poem for tomorrow's poetry group meeting.)

This is from Stephanie and Julie, where you type your name + "wants" into google and see what happens. I couldn't resist! Sorry yours were dicey, Justin!

1. Mary Wants to Be Hilary?

2. John said, I saw Lucy at lunch, she says Mary wants you to get some ice cream on your way home.

3. Mary wants to lead us on our destination.

4. If Mary wants.to buy a chicken and has a cantaloupe.

5. Mary wants to change her name on her title to Mary Ann Married.

6. Mary wants to be a superwoman But is that really in her head But I just want to live each day to love her for what she is

7. Further the killer, who calls herself Mary Smith, wants full credit for this horrendous act.

8. Ben Stiller is marvelous as the geek that wants a reunion with his almost Prom date. Cameron Diaz is Mary.

9. Looking for more information about Mary really, really wants a great big dog!

10. Just whose idea was the smack, Mary wants to know.

Nary a "why you buggin'" in the bunch!

Okay, back to grading. Where's my green pen?


wayne said...

I was also surprised not to see that you were being contrary and ignorant of how your garden grows.

Nice to see you're back on the smack, however.

Penultimatina said...

I can stop whenever I want, Wayne.


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