07 December 2005

Everything in moderation...


Can anyone eat just one clementine? Even when I get an icky bitter one I still have to follow it up with another, for the sake of palate-cleansing. Today at the grocery store the bagger was all roll-eyes at me because I insisted on a bag for my clementines, but those suckers will sneak out in the trunk and freeze! There is nothing more vexing than a frozen clementine.

Warning: do not attempt to eat more than, say, seven clementines in one sitting. My digestive system may be able to handle it, but yours may not.

In addition to clementines (for myself) I purchased four different kinds of peppers for the end of term fête I'm having for my MFA students on Saturday. We're going to have vegetarian chili, guacamole, fresh salsa, chips and/or soft corn tortillas, mixed fresh fruits, Italian cookies (I'm not even going to attempt making churros or flan, so all will have to pardon the geographically jarring dessert). As I'm typing this I am realizing that I will need to select some poems to read on the last days of my poetry workshops. It's a tradition for everyone to read something, and they will probably notice if I don't.

Wrote a poem this week that picked up on a subject I worked with years back: teen girls, railroad tracks, terrycloth halter tops, i.e. trouble. In an attempt to cohere I've ended up with more linear narrative stuff, and now I think I need to knock that off for a while. Perhaps the infusion of vitamin C will help.


P. J. said...

Oh, my darling! (hehe...I'll laugh at my own joke).

The great thing about clementines is that when you finish them, you can use the crate for all sorts of things.

And flan is *really* easy to make...if you buy a packet of Jell-O instant flan. Ah, memories!

Justin Evans said...


The real holiday pre-requisite is Mozart Kugeln. I was telling C. Dale about them, but you should know about them, too. They are a pistachio marzipan chocolate candy. They are a dollar a piece, but worth every cent. You should search them out in finer chocolate/candy stores.

Soooooooooooooo worth it!

Penultimatina said...

Mmmmmm. You are filling my head with visions of sugarplums!

Stephanie King said...

I've never had a clementine... but now I'm going to have to try one, just so I know what I'm missing.


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