02 January 2006

Back in the coop

Well, it may be a postal holiday today, but it's not a holiday up here in Olin Hall, where I arrived after an almost two-week break to find that my geraniums have fared just fine without me. The scrawnier geranium actually has four new clusters of blooms, despite no water or attention or "haircuts" from me. Oh yes, and since you were wondering, the ivy and fern did just fine as well.

I am 95% done unloading my stuff, but I have managed to install my fine new Extraordinary Chickens wall calendar. I know it's rather elitist to prefer the fancy show fowl over the mundane, pedestrian chix, but I need something that will keep its beady eyes on me and jolt me into productivity, all the while exuding a bit of punk rock style.

This week I will be writing two book reviews for RHINO, three syllabi for UA, and one blurb for Cleveland State University Press. Thank god for the Rosecomb Blue Bantam et al.


Julie said...

Those chickens are rad; there is really no other word.

For Christmas, I got a calendar of vintage 50's advertisements for things like furnaces and bleach. Rock!

Frank said...

For my part, I think the chickens on the calendar look more stately than punk rock. Like British politicians.

In any event, they're quite lovely. Not a revolting cock in the bunch.

femme feral said...

I like the chickens too. :)

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