19 January 2006

A tree falls in Akron.

Do you ever find yourself just sitting on the couch, staring out the window? Like in ten spare minutes between doing one thing and another? Even though it's not in your nature to just stare into space?

If so, have you ever been snapped out of staring-land when a tall, leafless tree on the horizon suddenly and quickly falls over? And then you sit there for ten more minutes, remembering what it sounded like and wondering if you have lost your mind and imagined it all?

I will do some sleuthing tomorrow, but Greg saw "tree trucks" (driven by trees?) on our street, so maybe I'm not tripping after all.


Justin Evans said...

Not with a tree, but yes. It is the stranges conflicting set of feelings ever. You are torn between awe and an overwhelming urge to remember what things looked like witht that object there, as if you could see both worlds simultaneously.

Strong Enough said...


P. J. said...

In 1993, while walking down a path in the woods of NE Pennsylvania, I thought I saw a wolf cross the trail 50 yards in front of me, but even then I chalked it up to vision questing. I think your tree story trumps that by far, tho'.

Of course, if this keeps happening, please refrain from looking at trees.

David said...

I once saw George Bush speak in complete sentences, live. So, yes, I can relate to your experience of sudden movement from the inanimate.

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