21 February 2006


Why do I always wait until the last possible minute to tackle the massive, hideous NEA fellowship application? How come I never remember past years of manic photocopying and those vexing type-in pdf forms? Moreover, why don't I ever SAVE some of that crap for future use? It's troubling how my dorkish tendencies diminish when faced with important tasks like this.

Enjoying my "day off" (Presidents' Day observed) by grading papers in sweatpants and coughing extensively. This is officially my fifth cold of the 2005/6 academic year.
aplenty for both of the aforementioned subjects.

How many days until Austin? Maybe I will make a ticker.


Gerald Huml said...

Good luck with the NEA application.

Anonymous Poet said...

I hope you get better soon! ; )

Suzanne said...

GL w/ the NEA. We just got over the awful bug that's going around. (ugghh) Feel better soon!

Stephanie King said...

I hope you are feeling better. I know how horrible it is to have work to do while suffering through a cold/flu.

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