01 February 2006

The point of no return.

U P D A T E: The beastie's owner has been located, and her friend is going to take the kitty. Whew! Now I can stop having nightmares about five cats, two adults, and two kids snoozing in one queen sized bed.

My name is Mary and I'm a cat addict. My husband's name is Greg (or Frank, in blogland), and he is a cat addict too. So, for example, when someone moves out of an apartment and leaves their brown tabby with two bowls of food and two bowls of water, with the heat off, and no knowledge of when anyone will enter the apartment again, and Greg is the one who finds the tabby, then we start contemplating adding a fifth cat to our household.

It might be easier if the no-kill shelters around here were accepting cats. But not really.

How come some of us are such softies, and other people don't care a straw?


Justin Evans said...

The other day, my wife almost rescued a kitten from behind one of the casinos, but we didn't know how our tom would have taken to it, nor did we want to start an awful trend of bringing home every stray (our town has a lot) we see.

Julie said...

The first step is admitting you have a problem. Now say the serenity prayer.

Seriously, I feel the same way. If I knew I could get away with it here in my tiny pet-unfriendly apartment (and my landlord has his business right below--he'd surely find out) I would keep a gaggle of kittens. My boyfriend and I sometimes sound like an infertile couple longing for children when we talk about cats. It's sad and strange.

Gerald Huml said...

We have two cats in our apartment, and we aren't supposed to have any. We'd have more if we thought the landlord wouldn't have a stroke.

I get very angry when people abandon their pets or find them inconvenient and drop them at a shelter. If you take on a pet you should be committed to it. The pet can't advocate for itself.

Stephanie King said...

I am probably one of the biggest cat addicts in the known universe. I love them. I would have 20 if I could.

Just know that you are not alone.

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