20 March 2006

Eleventh Heaven

Check out the lineup for the new issue of The Eleventh Muse! What a treat to be sharing a cover with Deborah Ager, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Brandi Homan, and so many outstanding other folks. I haven't been this geeked about a publication in a long time.

Au sujet de geekdom, I've had two bits of good professional news lately, and I am all a-flutter and not griping about how I spent the weekend grading midterms and essays. Said tidbits are not really po-related so I'm not sure when I'll share them here, but let's just say that there's a PLAQUE involved with one of them (and not the dental variety either). It was a super productive weekend even though I didn't get my mountain of ironing done. I succumbed to the temptation of jammies, a big bowl of berry jello w/cool whip, and the Sopranos instead.

On a separate note, why oh why do anthologies do such a bad job of "selecting" Allen Ginsberg poems? I mean, the book I'm using doesn't have "Sunflower Sutra" for shite's sake, and that's my favorite one. After I finish editing, publishing, and basking in the copious royalties of my currently-unstarted Poetry of the Body anthology I will have to address this problem (unless someone offers me jello instead).


Justin Evans said...

I am so upset with myself for letting the deadline escape my memory for this year's issue. I may not have had a chance, but seeing all those great names (yours included) makes me sink to a new level of self-loathing for being so absent minded.

Steven D. Schroeder said...

Mary: Thanks--I'm really happy with the poets who sent work and how the issue came out.

Justin: No need for self-loathing. You helped us get this issue done, and there's always next year. :-)

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