18 May 2006

And it was moist.

So this is why people kept likening Akron to Seattle, eh? It's not the coffee?

No, actually (hopefully) I think this is abnormal. It has been raining for what, a week? And to think that at the beginning of the month I was griping about having to water the newly-planted seeds. Now they're in standing water.

We all are.

I have to retrain myself to stop getting excited when I see dark clouds on the horizon.

I love thunderstorms. Overcast days are so good for reading. Except we haven't had thunderstorms, and I'm still not finished with other business, so I'm not feeling ready to read seriously yet.

Maybe if I get some poems out of this I'll stop grumbling.


Penultimatina said...

Finally some relief today!

Hello, sunshine.

Byf said...

We had our first good thunderstorm yesterday. I was excited, but I wish it had waited a day. I plan to pick up the new Anne Tyler novel today and curl up with it. You're right; it's much more satisfying to read as the hurricane roars.

Penultimatina said...

Ooooh! Love Anne Tyler! Why I am surprised by our shared taste, I do not know...

Enjoy your read!

I'm reading A Confederacy of Dunces for the book club I moderate. Now all I need is thunder.

P. J. said...

B! Happy Birthday! I finished grading on Monday and it wasn't until yesterday that I actually looked at the date...I'm so screwed up from the schedule here; usually I'm done by the 8th and this semester I took an extra week, but at least I've sniffed out a reason for a small round of shopping. Hope all is well, dear hands.

J. Newberry said...

It's been getting cloudy nearly every afternoon here in Athens, Georgia, but no rain yet.

We need it.

Went out to the State Botanical Gardens today. Some of the trees are dying!

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