05 May 2006

I stand corrected.

What? Cinco de Mayo isn't the holiday where people put off grading papers in lieu of important tasks like laundry and picking crumbs off countertops and gazing out windows with cats who are peeping at a nest full of baby birds?

Then why does it have to take place when the weather is so nice, and the papers are so plentiful?

Wasn't I just complaining about this very thing?


Penultimatina said...

PS--Justin, I resisted the urge to reply to my last post in order to maintain your penultimacy.

Nobody mess it up now, hear?

Justin Evans said...


You are a paragon of courteous conduct.

My Cinco de Mayo was spent speaking to the parents of two mouthy Hispanic students, so I guess I did something cultural today.

One of the dreamy advantages you have teaching college is you don't have to defend your actions to mommy or daddy, though the two parents I spoke with were very reasonable and actually understood why I was upset.

Penultimatina said...

Arg, that's a drag, Justin. But it's Friday, right? :)

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