04 June 2006

In bloom.

After drooling over Suzanne's roses and lamenting our lack thereof, I went outside to discover some in my jungle:
what's red and prickly

I also love these flowers (the purple guys in front of the overly-enthusiastic hostas) and have no idea what they are:
a mystery

So there's your answer re: how my garden grows.


Suzanne said...

I wonder if those purple guys are columbines?

Mary, Mary, how your garden grows!!

Penultimatina said...

Good thinking, Suzanne! Perhaps Steve S. will stop by and see if it is indeed his state flower.

Justin Evans said...

we just tore up our front 'patch' of lawn and replaced it with flowers. In the process, we had to replace some of our sprinkler pipes that were broken from our diggings---ther were not even four inches below the surface!

Becky has planted some stuff that will spread and stay for years. We also layed down some pretty fantastic rocks. Only time will tell.

Penultimatina said...

You'll have to share pictures, Justin!

Bummer about the pipes, too. We have an electrical line (running to the lamppost in our yard) that is just nestled in the grass--not buried at all. Funny how these things slip through inspections.

Enjoy your flora!

Justin Evans said...


My pictures are up and available for your approval.

Hedgie said...

I believe those flowers are spiderwort.



Penultimatina said...

Hedgie, you are right on!

What a name for a flower, too; like, "Hey, come over to my backyard and I'll show you my beautiful spiderwort."

Thank you for the botanical help. :)

Hedgie said...

No problem. Spiderwort is my second favorite wildflower, after the showy evening primrose:


Down here in the Deep South, at least, they often grow together and bloom at the same time -- incredibly lovely.

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