31 August 2006

A creepy little fellow

My discoveries du jour:

* This strange green dude on the roof of my car, upon arriving at work this morning. Where did he come from?

* I really like Philip Larkin, even though I didn't think I would.

* Reading in my office is really hard. Where the hell do you people read? Books, that is. I can read blogs in here just fine.

* There's nothing shameful about preferring to consume this for lunch instead of waiting around to buy a sandwich somewhere. I also pounded this before my first class. Will I be able to fly like a bird soon?

* Fall is the season of the gnat. WTF?

* Today's weather is perfect: 68 degrees and partly cloudy. Good for a Thursday. Should fiction writing class go outside? Hmmm.


Frank said...

First, I encourage other readers to click and enlarge the picture if you haven't already. At first I thought it was a leaf or something, but it really is just a creepy little fellow.

Alas, I can offer no assistance reading. I do all of my reading just before the wee girl's bedtime, but her bedroom floor isn't the best place to read a poetry anthology.

No shame in your lunch, but maybe tomorrow someone will locate you a Thai lunch or somesuch.

So, did the class go outside? Was there a rousing Duck-Duck-Goose match?

Penultimatina said...

Nah, we stayed inside and wrote there (the whole desk thing, you know).

Thai lunch! Sounds great (as long as there are no creepy little fellows in it).

Justin Evans said...

Honextly, I lock myself in my bedroom to read---too many other things going on otherwise. I put on some music and read.

great pic, by the way. I missed out on taking a picture of some bug that looked like a box elder bug, but was 3x the size at least. I couldn't get to my camera fast enough.

louise said...

Oh, Phillip Larkin is wonderful!

I kinda like that critter. Wonder what on earth he is?

jon m said...

hi mary.

you have to shut the door and open your window to read in the office.

when 20 i had a friend who loved philip larkin. one of our poetry professors, gib ruark (GREAT professor), taught larkin as much as possible. it was like high windows this, high windows that, whitsun weddings on fridays.

friend was a guitar player who did jazz and whatever "high-paying" cover-band work he could get at age 20.

then he read larkin's jazz criticism. it was some kind of crisis or coming of age moment. he said larkin's jazz writing was terrible. the very worst kind. he does not get it, friend said. he doubled the pace of cigarette smoking. he was much too depressed about larkin's failings as a music critic.

i have not read larkin's jazz writing and would not be qualified to understand how it's terrible, but i can no longer see his poetry and not think that some bad appreciation of bad jazz music lies behind it.

jon m.

Penultimatina said...

Thanks Jon...now you've ruined Larkin for me.


Sheryl said...

"Fall is the season of the gnat. WTF?" made me smile.

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