15 September 2006

Public displays of attention.

What is it about reading or writing in public that makes me feel so dirty?

Reading good stuff, that is, not tabloids in the grocery checkout.

Today I was catching up on some RHINO subs while waiting for my poor little car to receive an appendectomy, and there was one batch of poems that I resisted at first, but then they totally pulled me in, and I was rapt, and then bam, I realized other people were around and got all blushy.

I've also been doing the fiction writing exercises I assign along with the students, and sometimes I get so into it that I forget to check my watch. One of these days we are going to go twenty minutes over and it will be all my writing fault. I feel so funny writing around people.

The result of being an only child, perhaps?

This picture isn't reading or writing or feeling creepy, but it's where I live. Not under the bridge, of course. But I'm pretty darn close to this park.

Chilly gray Fridays like today make me feel like I should be back in Chicago.

It's time to start assembling the annual fall submission, and I need to decide whether to keep pestering the same places, or whether to try some new ones. Suggestions appreciated!


Justin Evans said...

Pebble Lake Review: Always a wonderful place to submit, win, lose, or draw.

margie: Very fast response and a wonderful compliment to go with my rejection.

Isotope: It's a journal run out of Utah State focusing on nature and science.


Nic said...

How about that! Reading in public is OK, but writing in public gives me the same feeling you describe. I've often wondered what that's about. Enjoy your blog!

- Nic

Chris Mansel said...

IAt first reading I thought I would disagree with you about reading outdoors or in public but now when i think about it, yes I do agree with you. I always feel like I will be asked to explain what I am reading so I guess I am paranoid. I am enjoying your blog. I happened by the link through Ron Silliman's blog. Best of luck to you.

Penultimatina said...

Welcome Nic and Chris!

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