22 November 2006

Hang on to your eagle.

Apparently the thing wasn't made of some magic metal after all, but ceramic. Behold the aftermath of a bumpy ride home from Winter Wheat. It's my very own One-Wing Eagle!

It'll grow back.

Now don't worry, Greg performed an emergency wing graft and fixed it (twice, actually). In classes where we read out loud I bring the eagle for us to pass around. When you have the eagle it's your turn to read as much, or as little, as you want. It's kind of like the poetry rock, but nobody is tempted to throw it. Or smoke it.

Prairie Fever is in the hands of the design team! I like the way that sounds.

Headshots this long weekend, and hopefully some natural light to do them in. Though the indoor self-portrait does lend itself to interesting effects, like mysterious blue highlights. I need to find a way to smile that doesn't make me look too demonic (because I should look at least somewhat demonic, ja?) , or a way to non-smile that doesn't make me look like you've just beat my favorite team in college football.

Between nervous breakdowns, ocd moments, forceful letters trying to get a jury duty exemption, and manic syllabus planning, I have managed to begin a short story. I forgot how much fiction can consume you during the in-between-writing moments. I am having a blast. Not planning to go over to the dark side, however.


Byf said...

It's just like a one-winged dove. Only an eagle.

Penultimatina said...

Why, you're correct!

I must strive to collect them all.

Frank said...

Digging the Beach Boys reference.

Penultimatina said...



Thanks for getting it.

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