03 November 2006

Meet the editorial staff.

Some may imagine the litmag editing process to involve cork boards, dusty bookshelves, and lots of tweed. However, in today's fast-paced literary world, editors have taken to working in bed and insulating themselves with multiple cats when reading submissions. A lap desk is also de rigeur. You may want to put kiddie rails on the bed, however, for those days when submissions reach the ceiling, and/or cats are bil-wau-ing and stampeding. Just like a herd of RHINOs. How fitting!

Who says work isn't fun?

Can anyone correctly identify the Shoob?


Bailey said...

Here's a hint for you Schube-watchers:

It may be hard to tell in this picture, but I'm reading manuscripts as well. My standards are quite high, however, and to date, no work has been accepted for Lady Miss: A Tri-Quarterly Review.

wickedpen said...

Eerily, the staff for Wicked Alice looks very similar, though a little smaller..cats can be such hardasses..

dustin said...

DUSTY bookshelves! hooray for dusty bookshelves. hooray for dusty anythings!
sorry, still can't id the grand schooboobervitz.

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