Jesus built my Corolla.

Holy crow! I need to make some lists so that I can get stuff done! Other than printing up a million copies of poems and having minor panic attacks while filling out pdf forms that you can't save.

I really shouldn't be working on residency apps right now--I only have three classes worth of final grading to do--but C. Dale put me in a tizzy. What is the difference between Work Sample Description and Description of Project if they're kinda the same thing? How will I ever get the courage to shut the file, knowing I will find a typo the moment I do?

Disney does Prufrock and poets are an isolated bunch.

Poems by Archambeau and Kate and many more at Absent.

Don't try:
Cooking a Lean Cuisine on your office heater. It just doesn't get warm enough.

White and wild. Wishing I could put some chains on my tires.


Penultimatina said…
Shit! Now Michigan knows that I drive a foreign car. Maybe that's it.