When was the last time you wrote a poem?

Me? Just finished one (Sunday, 1/7/07, 4:00 pm).

I know this doesn't sound particularly ambitious, but I am going to try to write at least two (good, revised) poems a month this year.

How about you?


Justin Evans said…
I wrote two early morning poems yesterday. I was thrilled with myself.
Two good revised poems a month is a good number. I tried a poem a day this past summer and couldn't stand myself at the end of the month.
Penultimatina said…
A poem a day? I don't even think I could write a haiku on some days. Wow! And Justin, you must be much more of a morning person than I am.

Of course, after posting this I ended up changing a zillion things about the poem, but it's still written.
Stephanie King said…
I wrote one about a week ago.

I would ideally like to write one a week, but that is unlikely, especially this semester. Maybe one or two a month will be more likely.
I aim for one a week, but usually two good finished poems per month is about right. I'm actually working on a poem right now (well, not right now, but within two minutes of right now either way).

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Gerald Huml said…
I have four new poems in the works right now. I'm almost done with revising two of them. The other two are just emerging. I probably start a new poem once a month, and it takes at least two months before I am satisfied with the revisions.
Hey, I never said they were GOOD poems. I wrote 'bout 25 pages of crap.