03 March 2007

Prairie Fever fever

Wow--I never suspected that within a few hours of the bookfair opening we'd be almost sold out of Prairie Fevers! Thankfully we were able to scrounge some up for the signing, but I know that a lot of people didn't get a chance to buy it before they were gone. Woah!

Thanks so much to the folks who are using my Paypal for signed copies here. I will be sending them out next week, so it's almost like you got it at AWP (without having to drag it back on the plane). There are links to Steel Toe, Amazon, and B&N on that page, too.

Last night's Switchback & friends reading was amazing...I am still in awe. The place changes into a packed hip hop club after hours, so I was able to shake it until (almost) dawn with friends and students. What a wonderful night!

Today: luggage, packing up the RHINO display, flying home.


Justin Evans said...


I am not surprised to hear how popular your book was at AWP. Not one bit and not even for a moment.

I am so happy you had a chance to see in person how others feel about your poetry. Every writer needs that every so often.

John S. Owen said...

It was great finally meeting you, and yes, we sold that book like hotcakes laced with gold, laced with silver, laced with some other valuable metal. Congrats on everything, and I'm sure we'll sell more.

Sara said...

hooray for books selling fast, hippie-looking bars turning into hip-hop bars, and shaking it til (almost) dawn. Did you enjoy seeing the snow this morning?

Penultimatina said...

Thanks, y'all!

Sara, the snow was so, so sad! I felt like I was regressing, digging out the coat and all.


Adam Deutsch said...

I got my copy at AWP!
I'll see you at the next fair.

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