25 April 2007

Call me puddlecuffs

I'm starting to think that someone gave me decaf coffee today as a joke. I am so non-chipper right now! Maybe it's the rainy weather, which gave me a terrible case of drenched pants cuffs this morning, since I didn't wear shoes with heels today.

I promise that this is not turning into a blog about my footwear, but wanted to provide a visual aid for those who don't wear pants that drag behind them. It's probably difficult for you to imagine me having to cope with pants that are too long, given my famously great stature, but most of my pants do. My friend Jay said that I look like an undergraduate with my puddlecuffs. It's that serious.

Luckily I don't leave the office until 8 pm today. In the meantime I need to get a MILLION things done, and I keep feeling like I am falling asleep. Perhaps I should soak my cuffs in espresso and see if that helps.

I am reading manuscripts for a book contest, and it's very cool to see the other side of the process. It is amazing how quickly I can read poetry these days, by necessity. Reading poetry quickly seems so wrong, like pounding an entire bowl of salsa with a ladle or something.

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