13 April 2007

I go back to Spring 2001

I'm doing something I never do: looking through old files of poems and reading original drafts of things that I haven't set eyes on in 5+ years.

It seems like I have another whole book lurking in between the poems that I sent out, published, and put in Prairie Fever.

Funny to see what I was writing before and after some of the poems I liked best. I wonder why I never did anything with some of them. It's really strange to see what I edited out.

Some of it I should've kept.


Justin Evans said...

I often go back to my old files looking for little snippets of poesm and miserable failures.

I also see I have given up on my writing an official 'last poem of the year' which I would compose on New Year's Eve every year. I think I may want to start doing that again.

Penultimatina said...

I think I should start doing that too, Justin.

It's really strange to see what I "trashed" back then, and how many other old poems I have.

Paul said...

This happens to me a lot. Some of my best poems I didn't like when I wrote them, for whatever reasons. It's interesting.

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