30 April 2007

May not have, but must

John Gallaher has tagged me with this:

"Here are five poetry collections you may not have read but certainly must. (Note: The collections, for whatever reason, should be a bit off the beaten path. And need not have caused the earth to open and swallow you whole.)"

Here are my picks, in alphabetical order, because I'm like that:

Kristy Bowen, The Fever Almanac
Leilani Hall, Swimming the Witch
Brandi Homan, Two Kinds of Arson
Alex Lemon, Mosquito
Simone Muench, Lampblack & Ash
Peter Pereira, Saying the World

I hereby tag Amy Bracken Sparks, Jessica Jewell, and Sara Tracey to tell us about their five.


Penultimatina said...

PS--and they all caused the earth to open and swallow me whole, fyi.

Stephanie King said...

I have two specific collections that are off the beaten path that everyone should read.

1. Baby (by Carla Harryman)
2. Landscapes I and II (by Lesle Lewis)

Both of these books are fantastic reads. And I must admit... I was swallowed whole.

Talia said...

A Carnage In the Lovetrees by Richard Greenfield (New California Poetry) http://www.amazon.com/Carnage-Lovetrees-New-California-Poetry/dp/0520238095

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