I spent this morning trying to outrun dark clouds cruising into town (even though rain would be really great right about now, according to my lawn and flowers). I managed to get both kids dropped off and wrestle a large package of diapers (for Ray) without incident or downpour. When I finallly arrived on campus the rain started, and I was ready with my brolly and raincoat, but it was only a handful of drops and a few gusts of wind. Now that I'm writing this I will probably get completely soaked on the way to class, but sheesh, all that drama for nothing.

At UIC the summer sessions were longer and the classes weren't every day. My class right now is five days a week for 1.5 hours a day. I really don't like it. The 5 day thing is what I don't like; the students are cool and I love Modernism. I just want to be able to catch up, and to miss the students and think of clever things to say between classes. That's not possible with the current schedule. I don't think I'll be teaching summer next year.

For some bizarre reason we have been sort of thinking about getting a dog. We have five cats who probably wouldn't be very enthused by this development. Ray is also probably too young for a dog, though he really goes nuts for them, which is what made us start thinking about one. Please feel free to talk me out of it (or give, I didn't just say that).

Sara Tracey has some good publishing news! Go send her some congrats. I finally got my submission out to Poetry. In the cover letter I withheld the urge to mention that they've never published me before, since I'm sure they're already aware of that.

Another insane afternoon ahead in Biddingerville. Carrying my umbrella just in case.


Catherine said…
Sam has always had're never too young for a dog. :o)
Frank said…
I've heard that puggles make nice dogs.
Bailey said…
I thought I'd made myself clear on the dog issue.
Stephanie King said…
I would suggest a Japanese Chin.

They are smaller dogs (but not miniature). They are supposedly good with children and very mellow. They are "the" lap dog. Not to mention they are gorgeous.
How about an Australian Shepherd? They're smart, beautiful, playful, great with kids, and medium-sized (40-50 lbs).
jessica said…
If you're going to get a dog, go all out. Get a Golden Retriever and teach him/her how to do things--like grade undergraduate portfolios and make vegetarian burritos. Of course I am a shameless "big dog" person and my new Golden (only a mere zygote right now) is currently working on a Fall syllabus in case I ever get a job. And I hear she's very stingy with A's.
Plattitude said…
I really dislike teaching every day, for the same reasons you do. I had to do it for years at OU, and now I'm coming up on my summer job, which consists of 5 to 7 hours of instructional time every day with the same group of kids. Thankfully, each session is only 3 weeks, but those three weeks often feel like a whole semester. CTY has a high burnout rate, and I think this might be my last summer doing it.

You know, it's actually very comforting to hear someone else gets worn down by the "daily" grind. I always thought that I was just a big wimp and everyone else was thriving on it. :)
John Gallaher said…
I got caught in a cloudburst while walking across town last night. i sat in someone's yard for quite awhile, under a tree.