In summer session

This is destined to be the craziest week of the semester, between the double birthday (my kids were born on the same day four years apart) and all of the other agenda items coming to a crux this week. But I'm still kicking!

Jay and I met for several hours yesterday and started reviewing some of the hundreds of poems we have received for Barn Owl Review so far. We'll be doing rolling considerations/acceptances, but couldn't help ourselves and had to snatch a few poems right away. We are so impressed with the quality of the subs we've been receiving, and I'm especially stoked because there are so many writers out there who I don't know, but love instantly.

I am really enjoying teaching Modern American Poetry this summer. It's a class I can walk into sans lesson plan and just lay it down. Yesterday I read "Prufrock" aloud in its entirety and it was the most fun I have had in months. I guess that says a lot about me, eh?


Hi Mary, congratulations on -- and good luck with -- the new journal! I'm still catching up on my blog reading after being away and was excited to read the news about Barn Owl Review. (I know from experience how much work it is -- but how much fun too....)
Happy double birthday. That same birthday belongs to me and to someone else I know...
Frank said…
What a great photo! Awesome!
John Gallaher said…
I adore reading Prufrock aloud. I do it twice a year. 400 more years and I'll have it memorized.