05 July 2007

Double Monday

As much as I like the hump-day-off of this week, today it's Monday again, at least to my sleep deprived brain. I haven't gotten an uninterrupted night's sleep since AWP (Feb/March, for those non writers out there) (those who were at AWP with me are laughing hysterically at this, knowing how little sleep I ended up getting). On a good night, Ray wakes me up two or three times. On a bad night, it's once or twice an hour. On a bad night with constant fireworks in the neighborhood, it's one giant sleepless misery-fest. Sometimes I wonder if I would be a totally different person if I could sleep. Needless to say, I'm not very sympathetic when people complain to me about being tired.

Today's day 2 of Sylvia Plath in Modern American Po. I always found her so inspiring because she was a real go-getter. My friend and I used to measure our own accomplishments against what Sylvia had done at our age. I'm not sure when I stopped doing that, but it's pointless now that I'm 33. I bet she didn't get much sleep either.

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jeannine said...

Thanks Ms. Mary! I have always been a poor sleeper, even without any kids. In the article called "My Poet" in Poetry this month, there is a claim that all poets are insomniacs...

Penultimatina said...

That "My Poet" thing was hilarious!

I need to read it again now.

greg rappleye said...

At 34, you will automatically become a more accomplished poet that Sylvia Plath.

Clay said...

Hey, many thanks, Mary!

My Best,