Heart of glass.

Just got back from the brand new Akron Art Museum, long in the works and worth the wait, in my opinion.

The whole museum is astonishing and luminous, but it was the photography that really gripped me, especially portraits of "Tiny" by Mary Ellen Mark. I will admit that 90% of my museum-going time was spent drooling over the possibilites for bringing poetry writing classes there to write. The other 10% was spent yelling at my children. Now I know why I don't go to museums very often these days.

If you're in or around Northeast Ohio, be sure to check this place out. I got a membership so I can go back without the hecklers.


Barbara said…
If you schedule bringing your K-12 or University class to the museum at least 3 weeks in advance, then admission for the group for that visit is free. See our website, www.AkronArtMuseum.org, for more details. And I'm delighted you liked the museum and the photography.

Barbara Tannenbaum
Director of Curatorial Affairs
Penultimatina said…
That's great news, Barbara! Thanks for stopping by, and congratulations on the wonderful new facility.