30 August 2007

Cookies enabled? Check.

I am hoping the above oatmeal raisin cookie cures the following problems:

1. I have been writing "August 29th" on everything today. Even the sign-in sheet for class. It makes me look like a nut.

2. This is getting really old. The bomb threats at our university, that is. Not Sara's blog. I love Sara's blog. UPDATE: They've arrested somebody. Let's hope it's the right person and we won't have any more problems.

3. How the heck am I going to fill out all of the kindergarten paperwork today? And then tonight get together a ton of kid and baby clothes to donate to Amvets? And to do both without totally cracking up?

To combat the above complaining, can I tell you how much I love teaching contemporary American poetry? Everyone gets to present a poem of the day, and I gave them a list of online journals, and they're actually using them! A student today asked, "Should I present this poem from Swink, or the one from three candles?" How awesome is that?

I also realized that one of my students is the nephew of Alice George. A talent for poetry must run in their family. I love coincidences, don't you?


Sara said...

I'm hanging on to August, too. Can it really be fall already?

Penultimatina said...

Sara, it's so cold in the mornings that it *must* be fall.

I'll confess that I am looking forward to sweaters, etc. :)

jeannine said...

You're the kind of teacher I wish I'd had in school!

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