15 September 2007

Akron: where every street is green.

We were so happy to have Kate Greenstreet visit us here in Akron this week. She came to my MFA Craft & Theory: First Books class (where we'd read case sensitive, of course) and we sat in a big circle and talked about poetry and publishing and even read the poems that we had written in her honor. What a treat!

Here Kate is infiltrating our NEOMFA crew. I am clutching my newly-signed case sensitive like it's a million dollars. It is.

Frank, who took the above picture (I don't want him to feel left out), and Sara.

Jeannine is going to be visiting us in a few weeks, and then Cate Marvin and Jay Hopler will be here this spring. The Ak-citement never ends!


Jennifer Sullivan said...

Thanks for bringing Kate to our class and to dinner. It was such a delight.

Kristi Maxwell said...

I saw Kate read with Janet in Muncie Thursday and felt like a million dollars clutched by poems.

How great that you brought her into your class.

Penultimatina said...

Kristi, isn't she awesome?

Jen, I loved your new poem!

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