23 October 2007

Some Trees.

What a beautiful day to take the GRE! Not me, but Sara. Best of luck whupping that test today!

You wouldn't believe it from the now-and-then "wet campus" pics above, but it's been a really dry summer and fall; thus, the lack of really vibrant leaves. This morning I saw some dramatic rivulets (yes! real rivulets!) of runoff on the sidewalk, but I was carrying my usual messenger bag, purse, and umbrella, plus a heavy paper bag of books, so there was no chance of taking a picture. I arrived here pretty much soaked, but things are drying out.

Yesterday I did something I've never really done before. I started grading papers five at a time, rather than sitting down and powering through all of them at once, with only diet coke and gummi worms as fuel. Yes, disgusting and ridiculous. My new approach is to grade a few papers a day, so that my handwriting doesn't completely fall apart somewhere near L. I also don't have those long stretches of time any more. We will see how this pans out.

Anyone else experiencing a soggy Tuesday? Care to commiserate?


cornshake said...

totally soggy here too. and i'm wearing patent leather flats= slip-tastic walking situation. boo.

Karen J. Weyant said...

Yes, your neighbors to the east are soaked! It would have been easy to stay in bed with a cup of coffee and a fat cat, grading papers, but classes to teach, places to be. I, too, have found that student papers are best graded in small doses.

Sara said...

Thanks Mary. I hope my soggy cuffs aren't such a distraction that I can't think.

Anne said...

Soggy here in south-central Indiana, too. We had about a half-inch of rain yesterday and another half-inch so far today. The leak in the library roof has filled up half a giant trash barrel so far! :)

I know we need the rain, but ugh. And there have been a lot of accidents thanks to slippery fallen leaves on wet roads.

Steven D. Schroeder said...

Send me your spare gummi worms?

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