08 October 2007

A (super) friendly reminder.

Folks, please remember that this year's deadline for submitting papers to the AWP Pedagogy Forum is OCTOBER 15th (i.e. next Monday). This early deadline is due to the conference being earlier this year, and we are not planning to extend it, for the same reason. Please spread the word! If you aren't planning to submit a paper but will be attending the AWP conference, feel free to join us for lively pedagogical conversation and all sorts of useful ideas.


Oliver de la Paz said...

It was (super) fun last year with our lovely moderator and her (hot) paisley blazer.

Penultimatina said...

You won't believe what pedagogical delights I'll be sporting this year, now that I am Chair. ;)

Frank said...

Sky rockets in flight,
Pedagogical delight
Peh-edigogical delight!

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